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Week 12 Using other Social Media

The other tools I use to help grow my salon business is “Yelp”. I have an account already that I’ve had for over 5 years. I had it at each salon that I’ve worked at and then I realized I was helping their individuals salon. So, I finally decided to set up my own personal yelp site for my new salon suite.

Google- I also have a google map and google my business account and it is helping me get a few new clients. Mostly I signed up for the pay per click option to help bring traffic to my salon website. So I can build my SEO. Since my website is new and that way I would show up on the google page and hopefully show up on the first page for salons in Oceanside.

Google +- I have a google + account too but I just have a basic account I’m not to familiar with it yet and I don’t feel like it’s helping me gain new clients.  @lesliesandoval .

Groupon- I do t want to have a groupon deal because they take a big cut from your profit on each client and most of the time these clients don’t want to co…

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