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Week 17 final post

My use of social media has changed over the semester because now I learned that you need to be very consistent posting at the right times and more often. You have to make sure the content you post is engaging and interesting  or you will lose your target audience.

You have to pay to play now with Instagram and Facebook, so it’s important to set aside a good budget for marketing your business. I will continue to use yelp and google my business to help also reach my new potential clients because that’s working great for me. I know how to do it more accurately now.

I learned to be very open to new ideas and check out your competition to see what they are doing too to get ideas. To stay up to date with everything because it changes quickly. You have to evolve with the times. Or you will be left behind.

I also learned that even the old school ways of marketing also is still very effective too. Newsletters and blogs and websites. I will start to be on utube and Twitter too. To capture every…

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